Sunday, April 13, 2008


Now this is really the guide to Manila that I would have written myself should I have had the time and well, the idea to do so. Produced by Aaron Frankel, a retired cartoonist, longtime resident of Bangkok, and certified groovy traveller, The Groovy Map N' Guide has been around since 1996 and has grown from a 3 man operation into Asia's Best Selling Orientation Map. Since then, Groovy guides to Chang Mai, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Hong Kong, Samui, Shanghai, and Tapei have already been written and Manila is the latest addition to Aaron's groove collection. Designed for the short time traveller to Manila, it's a collection of ONLY the greatest and grooviest that you can see during your stay in the City of Man. I assure you that it has NONE of the useless crap, advertising and flagrant product placements that the other city maps have. Filled to the brim with useful information about dining, sightseeing, gay and straight bar hopping, and shopping, the map gives you the insider's view of what to expect as seen through the eyes of someone who you assume is as groovy as you might be. The choices are also rather progressive, the map features underground insider secrets like Fat Michaels, Filling Station, the Evangelista flea markets, and the fantastic Cubao X art scene among many others (like yours truly). Best of all, the map is printed on super thick lamination paper so that it wouldn't rip or get soggy on the streets steamy ol' Manila. Be sure to pick one up before you arrive in the city. Or if you are a resident Manileno, just buy a whole bunch to give to visiting friends who wish to independently explore Manila in a fast and funky way. No surprise, that the Groovy Guide was the 2006 Winner 'Best Tourist/Free Map' Award from the International Map Trade Association (IMTA) and a recipient of a 5 star rating from Read the reviews here. Read about it's founder, Aaron here, and log onto their site here.

The map sells for about U$8.95. and is distributed by EZ Maps.
Tel: (+63)(02) 551-0196
Tel: (+63)(02) 551-0927

Stay posted for the Groovy Map Launch of the Party. It will be a hoot and a holler.


christine said...

I'm loving it!!! Can you only get it online?

wysgal said...

It does look rather cute. I love buying all sorts of guides on Manila, just because I'm always interested in what other people (including foreigners) find interesting in Manila.

Being in Philadelphia for almost a year now I have to say ... Manila is actually quite cosmopolitan and trendy.

carlosceldran said...

You can get it off the shelf very soon.

EZ Maps will be doing the distribution. I have a copy if you want to check it out, Nena.

grumpyurbanslacker said...

i can attest to the "super thick laminated" paper of Groovy Map....when i was in Bangkok a couple of years ago and there was a sudden downpour, i was able to use my Groovy Map as makeshift umbrella for a good 20 minutes.

carlos, will GM Manila come in "By Day" and "By Night" versions, too?

carlosceldran said...

Actually, I don't know.

But I'm sure if this version sells, exploring that would definitely be an option.

But Manila still has a long way to go in terms of being as accessible, manageable, and culturally vibrant as Bangkok.

We need to decongest the roads, clean up the city a bit, and find OTHER OPTIONS ASIDE FROM F***ING STERILE, CHARACTERLESS MALLS as tourist attractions to fulfill our potential.

But having Groovy Guide do a feature on us gives me confidence. It's definitely a start.

vina said...

hi carlos! thank you for this info, and i'm excited to get my hands on this one!

i didn't realize that manila/philippines is quite lacking in travel guides/books until my boyfriend, who's coming here for the first time (from hawaii), complained about how he couldn't find any good material on manila. sure, there's lonely planet - and maybe just 2 or 3 more - but they're the usual run of the mill type.

more power carlos, and thank you so much for the may 6 intramuros tour! :)

Katrina said...

This looks really cool! How heartening that they've decided to include Manila in their list. Please do post if you hear/see that it's available here already. I'd love to buy one. I wish I'd known about this when we went to Bangkok. I don't seem to see Saigon or other Vietnamese cities on the list. Would you know if they have them, too?

carlosceldran said...

You are right. I didnt notice a vietnamese city.

Im sure its in the works. They are on the ball like that. Very cool guys.

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