Saturday, April 12, 2008


DJ Montano likes my blog. He said so himself.

Wala lang. Just putting that out there.

Watch the rest of DJ Montano's rebuttal to Brian Gorrell's allegations on Korina Sanchez' show on ANC, Korina Today on the links HERE and HERE. Fellow guest is Mo Twister.

Note: I am soooo not going to get involved in the conversation about this interview. But feel free to talk about it amongst yourselves. But keep it clean though. This isn't our issue, guys. It's theirs. Leave the mudslinging only between Brian and DJ.


Bryanboy said...

oh tell us how you really feel manong carlos. tell us!

hahaha :P

carlosceldran said...

Well.... Truth be told. Despite what we know to be true or not true, I REALLY can't say that DJ has done anything wrong or offensive to ME.

As a matter of fact, through the years that I have been encountering DJ, he has been nothing but nice to ME. Charming to the point of being alarming even.

Having said that, I also can't say that he has been nice to others because I'm not them. Moreover, I have never gone into business with him nor lent him money, so I can't talk with authority about those issues either.

So seriously, from where I stand, I have no right to pass judgement on DJ.

But as I said, that's just ME.

Yun lang poe.

Anonymous said...

scary shit.
i wouldn't know what to say if he mentioned my blog.

Anonymous said...

Is DJ Montano CREDIBLE? I choose Justice over homegrown loyalty.
Brian has guts to open our eyes to deceit that prevails in our society.
Socialites? By whose standard?

Karina said...

DJ Montano and his family denials made me puke. Really. They are no different from the Gloria cohorts when they lied in front of national television.

Same breed. Same culture. Same morality. Same sources of wealth.

What else can I say?

Anonymous said...

not sure i'd like it either if he mentioned my blog. there's something really shady about this individual.

Anonymous said...

Pwede ba?!! Di ba inamin mo naman dati na bading ka? Siguro feeling mo nagpi-flirt sayo si Montano. Kinilig naman si Lola Carlota!

travelphilippines said...

everybody loves you......

carlosceldran said...

They do? Really?

Apparently not the hater on the post above you.

More than "Mr. Old News" on the post above you, I find it more amazing/annoying is how some people create a link between DJ and Gloria and try to add political color to this whole thing. Wha? Huh? Eh?

divina said...

for a highly-opinionated person like yourself parang natameme ka because DJ endorsed your blog. cheapangga ever!

ano ang masasabi mo about the montanos' involvement with the amari deal?


carlosceldran said...

I already gave my opinions on this matter in my last post, divina. I don't like repeating myself.

Trust me, I am not a defender of DJ. But I'm not gonna be join calls for his head on a silver plate either. I'll leave that up to both the Australian and Philippine courts to decide.

As I said, that's their issue. Witnesses lang tayo at the end of the day.

And sorry, Ngek. My Tagalog is so bad. What does "natememe" exactly mean again?

batoush! said...

first, the nerve of this dj guy to drop names again, he should have known better (why does he has to "drag" your name into this mess)
second, i can smell a "relationship" between you and this dj guy.
third, how can you tell people not to make a political connection, like GMA when in fact these are politcal families.
fourth, can't you sense the insincerity of this dj guy, and the negative energy that was emanating from him and his cohorts.
kudos to mo twister and korina for the unbiased, yet pointed questions.
truly, i am very disappointed in your tame response
i am not surprised. you also had tame responses regarding tina tinio and fashionpack.
remember, birds together pluck feathers!!!!

carlosceldran said...

And as for the Amari Deal, that is definitely another post altogether. However, I do have to say that I agree with your opinions on that matter.

Frankly, as a whole, the Ramos era definitely has a lot to answer for. The Centennial Dome, the Quirino Grandstand "restoration", Florikultura Pamapanga, The Centennial Celebrations, Amari, the Cigar Building on Luneta Park,The sale of Manila Hotel, etc...

All questionable deals with even more questionable results.

carlosceldran said...

Oh my god. Correct. You are right. They are political families!


I'm tame with Tina and Liza (and as a matter fact a defender of them) because I have known them for years and actually like them despite their mistakes and flaws.

I don't know DJ as well as these people so I REEEEEAAAALLY have no authority in speaking about him whether it be good OR bad.

I mean what do you want me to say? DJ is from a corrupt warlord family? DJ looks like a dolphin? DJ is a terrible businessman? a hack restaurateur? and a thief? Really, Why must I be the one to say it?

Frankly, I can't say that because I DON'T have any negative experiences with him to personally justify it. I have known him on and off for years but I have never really "partied" with him or the GG at all. I just am not cool like that.

So allow me to leave it to others to do the discussion here. Ill just provide the cookies and ice tea so to speak, as you talk amongst yourselves.

C'mon. I just found it amusing he mentioned my blog. Period. Let that amusement only be taken at face value lang.

Batoush! said...

Bravo Carlos for being a loyal friend to such notorious people.

Regarding political angle, can't you see the common thread among the fathers, sons, daughters, second wives, third wives, concubines, etc. of these political or politically connected families: ostentatious display of stolen wealth which is scandalous enough for a fighting-over-cheap rice-in a line-third world country, blatant lies in front of national tv making undiscerning filipinos like stupid human beings???

The popularity of the Brian Gorrell and DJ Montano saga goes well beyond our love for gossip and scandal. The support the Gorrell gets is an obvious manifestation of revolt of the silent majority against all forms of social climbing and display of stolen wealth! Enough is enough.

Brenda Tuazon said...

We all know that we cannot fight with well-connected political families in the Philippine court system. Who believes there is justice in Catholic Philippines?

Blogging is the great leveler. Let us all dish the dirt of all these political dynasties and families in the Philippines.

Gorrell's blog ia a good start.

We wouldn't have known that Tina Tinio's wealth came from supposed-to-be behest loans. The sins of the Montano clan in Cavite deserve another space in a blog, I agree.

I also agree with one of the older comments that if you conduct an honest to goodness investigation of the sources of tuition fee of children of most of the so-called socialites in exclusive schools here or abroad or the mansions in exclusive villages in the Philippines, you will just discover an incovenient truth: stolen money of the Filipino people.

Kaya ako wala akong tinitingala sa mga pa sosyal ng Manila. They are a bunch of hypocrites and social climbers.

Anonymous said...

"I mean what do you want me to say? DJ is from a corrupt warlord family? DJ looks like a dolphin? DJ is a terrible businessman? a hack restaurateur? and a thief? Really, Why must I be the one to say it?"

haha! you just said it carlos. :D

carlosceldran said...

Haha. But I wasn't the first to say it though. Lord knows I should not be credited for coming up with those statements. That was going around well before I heard it. And I heard it from people way closer to DJ than I.

As always, my statement is of course, that I have no statement. 'Labas ako" here for sure.

And having said that. It's an interesting issue that we're exploring here. Really. How SHOULD we treat the children of supposedly corrupt politician parents?

Is it fair to persecute the children/grandchildren for the sins of the father? Should one extend the negativity and hatred to their descendants as well even though it was not they who did the "crime" so to speak?

As an example, It's known that Ms. Aimee Marcos is a really nice person (never heard anyone talk badly about her so far) despite what manymanymany people think of her dad and mom. Now. Should one just turn on her and HATE on her because of the reputation her parents? Would that be fair?

Let's look at Ninoy Aquino too. His father was considered as a collaborator of the Japanese during World War II. He was even put under trial for treason. Now, did we hold that against Ninoy? Should we have held that against Ninoy?

And how about Sharon Cuneta? Her dad destroyed Pasay. Under his watch, he turned a bucolic residential area into a sizzling cesspool. What should we do with Shawie? Is it too late for us to string her up?

Hmmm. Something to think about.

Sarah Jane said...

WTF! Take this post down! Ka-cheapan! Hoy, Carlota, juice ko, na-mention lang blog mo, lumandi ka na! You are highly respected but I bet that respect will now be affected by this controversy. Yucks, lumabas ang kabadingan!

Anonymous said...

Are you all idiots? Can't any of you tell Carlos is being sarcastic? JUICE KO DAY. Tanga mo manash.

Look up the word "ironic".

carlosceldran said...

Here is the definition.

Good god. This entry was supposed to be ironic but apparently sarah jane, batoush, and divina didn't get my joke.

So allow me spell it out for you girls.

Ahem. This entry was supposed to convey a meaning that was the opposite of the literal meaning.

And I love the name Carlota. My friends in New York used to call me that all the time.

Peace girls. Joke lang ang post OK? Smile.

Anonymous said...

I have language and cultural problems here.. bading, juice, carlota, Ka cheapan, plastic. Taglish that looks English but Tagalog meaning. What's up?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Celdran
I think it is a waste of time to read the blog of Mr. Gorrell. It is very scandalous. You do not know anymore who to believe. The only reason many people are enjoying hus blog is because of his gossips and chismis. Thats wha all the filipino love.
He has not posted anything about the money. Its all scandals.
I love Mr. Montano for actually coming out already and telling the truth.
We will pray for
Mr. Montano

Anonymous said...

Brian has no proofs but scandals. You are correct.

So what about this and that. If anyone does this and that.Been there, done that.
Let people learn on there own.
Let us leave the problem to both of them.
The crowd who are just mking comments and stories, have nothing to do with their lives. They have no manners, and most of them go to the blog of brian.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post Dj on inquirer sat and sunday.
The story is better there.

Anonymous said...

Carlos wants to have as many hits are Brian's blog, so he is taking a ride on his success.
You have to participate and spit your opinion on the matter. If you like success, be controversial.

Anonymous said...

Agree!!! Agree!!! Ms. Carlotta is lusting after Brian';s blog success. Sori, mas interesting na di hamak si Brian noh! Playing safe closet queen ka!

carlosceldran said...

And yet you are still here again. Thank you for increasing the hits.

Make sure to click on my many many ads on the site.


Anonymous said...

This news that was featured is what we have been waiting for.
At last, Montano has come out.
They should really go to court and fix it.
Brian is wasting his time with his vulgars.
Ive been trying to comment on his blog, but he does nit post it, he is so bias.
I hope you will put more post re DJ. He should get justice for all the trouble Brian did.

Anonymous said...

Carlos, I've known you for a long time and I've always liked you.

There we were almost two decades ago, strapping young men barely in our 20's trying to make it in the world. I was a gay man fresh out of his closet. You were hyper, bouncing all around, super-artistic, no taller than an LPG tank but cuter than a button and then some.

You made me fall in love with you. And when I confessed my feelings for you, you rejected me saying that you weren't into guys.

Now, these people are saying that you are gay? Where is the justice in that???

I swear, I am going to do a Brian Gorrell and create a blog in order for you to... to... uhh...

Ah, who am I kidding? I guess you just weren't that into me. Plus I'm as lazier than a pebble on a beach, I'm a lazy gay, a lazy, crazy gay of summer.

You're still a great person, and what you're doing for our country is wonderful.

Are you top or bottom?

Kidding. I still love you more than the grandma I had committed against her will.


Anonymous said...

to DJ : TANGA! principles... extortion... blackmail.... your kachichas fungi athlete foot! BANGOONGOOT wahahahahahaha

to Carlos: wawa naman you DJ endorsed your blog. I will keep on visiting your blog because you make Manila look good.

to DJ again: "society people" AHAHAHAHAHAHAH what kind of people are society people? NOT PEOPLE!

ang tanga tanga mo DJ eeeeeewwww

France Dionisio said...

Korina asked if it is DJ's lifestyle that caused it all. Aling Auring, without thinking that lifestyle means gay lifestyle, answered it differently. Nobody seems to answer any questions squarely. Not even his low-life sisters.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:39 PM

brian did post proof of the transactions he made through western union receipts.

Richard Freida said...

we are wasting our time.
Cant you see the western union receipts are fake.
There are erasures. The license number was erased in one form, then at the other form the whole info re the sender was erased, then at the other form, the spelling and last name of DJS sister was fake, in the news her name is Marvili Villa, she cant receive that amount with proper ID>, cant you all see that the receipts are fake, and yes Dj did receive some amount but it was for Brian, because as a foreigner you are not allowed to bring a big amount of money, (money Laundering as we call it).

Flora Gasser said...

Shame on you Carlos Celdran. You're totally out of touch on this issue. Soon you will find yourself shamed. inside. your. gut.

carlosceldran said...

Shame on me?

Ok. Sure.

But how do I get that inside my gut?

JeannieTheDreamer said...

everybody in defense of DJ including Richard Freida:

i can't understand why you are defending a MAGNANAKAW AND MANLOLOKO

dj SHLDjust admit his guilt, go to prison, or pay Brian and everone else he owes money to, and go hide somewhere and reform. Go to prison if he can't pay.

hey richard, no one is on your side

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with everyone in this blog? Carlos is in no way endorsing DJ. This entry is totally tongue in cheek. You guys are all idiots for not seeing that.

Lava Bien said...

SeƱor Richard Freida,

Are you retarded po? Why would you want to send that much money to the Philippines? (that was Gorrell's mistakes, trusting pinoys with that much money, not even with my own cousins, hell no!) So he can spend it there when he gets there? Really, have you heard of ATM? Yes you can use your ATM (allows me to withdraw US$500 a day at least). I had brought US$8 thousand [ we'r allowed under US$10K] a few times no problem and used my ATM card to take more money out). I don't think you need that much money to spend just to stay in Boracay. (Where's the proof or mention of Brian Gorrell's place of residence that would suggest extravagance to a westerner (he's really Canadian (of course you can't tell the difference between a North American and Australian accent, could you?).
No need to verufy the authenticity of the WU receipts, his sister just admitted receiving it but she wasn't sure of the amount, yeah right (she's not sure because she gets them all the time? [the remittance] right uhummm (she's lying).

Al Capone never thought (not once) that he was a criminal and no politicians in the Philippines are corrupt. Really? Who the hell is so dumb to admit that in public (Erap - yeah I took the money but I didn't spend it , it was meant to be for the Muslim youth, right [that's why he bombed that hell out of a muslim camp].

Anonymous said...

this issue is so amusing =)

Anonymous said...

here's the truth: dj is gay. brian is gay. and carlos is gay. and david celdran too is gay (he had a romantic affair with senator kiko back in their UP college days).

other truths: carlos loves our president despite all her scandals. he likes dj too (i mean, why would he post dj's comment in his blog if the guy didn't matter to him at all?) despite his notoriety.

the reason carlos likes GMA and DJ is because he's probably one of them. i mean, carlos is mestizo. he has spanish blood. and spanish people were the ones who colonized us and robbed us of land and money, right? he was born rich courtesy of his great great grand parents who probably stole hectares of land from filipino farmers.

and i don't get this thing carlos said about imee marcos being nice so we cannot treat her with disrespect even if her father plundered the philippines. that is fucking bullshit. the filipinos did not put the marcoses in jail. we should have, and we also should have expressed our anger towards imee no matter how nice a person she may be. same goes for sharon cuneta. the people of pasay did not put her father in jail. they should have, and they should have shown their disapproval of sharon (she was never a good actress or a singer to begin with; plus she's as fat as a pregnant salmon). but the problem is that filipinos do not react abrasively, so these people (carlos included) have the balls to parade their riches as if their parents earned them decently. if we had punished corrupt people and shown how infuriated we were at their children living lavish lifestyles, they would not have the gall to be in the society pages of our magazines and newspapers. they would never be megastar or newspaper columnist, or tour guide diva.

right, carlos?

thanks to the blog, many middle class filipinos who are educated and are working abroad can openly criticize GMA, DJ, and CARLOS.

carlosceldran said...

You are so right! Just as I am nice enough to let you criticize me on my blog. And read again. I said AIMEE not IMEE.

BIIIIG difference. Aimee is not in politics.

Sigh...And if you kindly read it again, you shall also see that at no instance did I say "Spare her and dont' give her disrespect.?" I just want people to think about the issue that's all. Don't stab the man who tries to raise questions.

And if you really must know. My father earned his money as a doctor of children. My grandfather was from a town that burned down during the Civil war in Murcia Spain AND HE came to the Philippines AFTER THE PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION. He had nothing to do with "exploiting" any masses...

And the word "gay" has never been an insult ok? That's soooo lame. Why are you using it as if it's some fricking weapon that would scandalize or "hurt" me? Using it as a pejorative makes it even more offensive to gay people themselves you know. I have always been open about my sexuality and have been an honorary card carrying fag since 1997. Ask my family, my gay friends, my exboyfriends,my exgirlfriends, and most importantly, ask my wife. :o)

So read the blog well, my friend and get your facts straight before posting shit on my blog again OK? And sign your name. Anonymous posts are the lamest of them all.

Ta ta!

Anonymous said...

I totally get Carlos' take on this issue. This related post is also quite "enlightening:"

E said...

Madam carlota, you have a wife? NIce! Is she a hot bisexual? IDOL!

Anonymous said...

Regarding this Brian blog, it’s disturbing that everyone here and in that blog itself seems to be manipulated by a very one-sided story from a person most of you didn’t even know before this all started.

Hell hath no fury than a gay scorned.

Anonymous said...

His wife is way hotter than he is.

She is straight.

Anonymous said...

Reading many of the comments here makes me feel pity for the Philippines. Multiply their anger and reckless generalization into millions and you will get a pretty clear image of where our country is headed to. These people say ill things about others, misguided by lack of information and susceptibility to be taken away by emotions.

Just mere mention of an infamous person makes you an instant culprit/accessory to crime. There seems to be no processing of words that are read, whatsoever.

Good luck defending yourseld Carlos. We live in a world of shades of gray, wherein most people think in black or white. You're either for or against something.

One more thing about the "gay" thing... why is sexuality being used against people here? I mean, grow up, people! As a woman, it's offensive for me too, because that is discrimination like the discrimination committed on us by chauvinistic men. And by the way, you people who are using "gay" as derogatory term, what century are you in?

Eh ano kung bakla si Carlos? Does that make him any less human?

And oh my goodness! Idamay din ba sa usapin dito ang maybahay niya na nananahimik? Whatever has Mrs. Celdran done to you, people, to drag her into this mud pit you have created? You question other people's values and morals, but in doing this, ano'ng lebel ng pagkatao ba sa tingin ninyo meron kayo?

By looking down on gay people, you have become the very kind of people that you hate. Pa-galit-galit pa kuno kayo sa mga "society people" for their disregard towards other people, pero hindi rin naman kayo nagbibigay ng respeto sa kapwa nyo tao. Kung totoong bulok ang pagkatao ng mga miyembro ng Gucci Gang, then wala kayong pinagkaiba sa kanila. You're just as ignorant and as rotten.

- riz

Teresing Mendezona said...

Just to change the topic, you guys saw the scandal in Cebu regarding this perfume bottle left in the ass of that man and the medical people made fun of him?

If that happened in the U.S., that would have resulted in a big lawsuit if not closure of the hospital.'d-operation-to-sue-hospital

Anonymous said...

Mr. Celdran,

with all due respect, it is really disappointing and regretful for a Filipino (who are from Tagalog-speaking areas or of Tagalog lineage) to say "my Tagalog is bad". Ano ba naman yan. I am from Cebu but I make an extra effort to speak/write in Tagalog if the need arises.

Anonymous said...

i mean "who IS from Tagalog-speaking.... My mistake.

Anonymous said...

the same way it is disappointing to hear Americans with bad English.

ginaya na naman natin ang mga Kano. for example, we say "siya" to pertain to inanimate things (which should be used to refer to a person)

and it's sooo annoying to hear young people nowadays saying "parang" and "medyo" na wala naman sa tamang paggamit.

"Parang kinabahan ako..." when in fact kinabahan talaga siya

"Medyo nainis ako..." pero nainis naman talaga siya

carlosceldran said...

I know.

Speaking Filipino badly is not something I am proud of. But it isn't something that makes me less Filipino though.

I'm working on it. Talaga. I am.

Brian Brotarlo said...

Carlos, the inheritors of stolen wealth should not be punished, but their inheritance should be taken away from them, agreed? If we can't do that, the least we could do is remember where that wealth and that influence that these inheritors are enjoying now. Agreed? This is only logical and it is incumbent upon people who abode by ethical standards to see where the fruit got its juice, right?

Brian Brotarlo said...

Carlos, the inheritors of stolen wealth should not be punished, but their inheritance should be taken away from them, agreed? If we can't do that, the least we could do is remember where that wealth and that influence that these inheritors are enjoying now CAME FROM. Agreed? This is only logical and it is incumbent upon people who abode by ethical standards to see where the fruit got its juice, right?

carlosceldran said...


BoobooStrider said...

honestly i sympathize with Brian... but hey, many people get duped everyday. both sides made mistakes.

i dont agree with brian getting donations through his site though. so many people out there are in need of donations, i dont even have to mention them

Robbie Dinglasan said...

And why is it that whenever we don't rag or complain about the allegedly evil people (DJ and his cohorts) we are suddenly considered sympathizers, conspirators or friends?

Can't we just say we have no opinion of them since we have never had any negative experiences with them? That's not guilt by omission is it?

(Hi Carlos! My first time to post in your blog. Blogs are blocked in China and I'm finally out of there! Hello to the Mrs!)