Thursday, April 17, 2008


YES. I KNOW. Thank God he left his shirt on. This is my Rogin-E and Gold's Gym update for the week. And I seem to be leading on the new Rogin-E Unbreakable Challenge Website. Either that or they just listed us alphabetically and that's why I'm on top. But truth be told, for the past week, I haven't found enough time to make it out to Gold's and I'm actually at that state that if I don't get to exercise, I get kinda depressed and sluggish. So to remedy this situation, I got one of those plastic exercise ball thingamajiggies and a twenty pound dumbell so that I could enhance Jopet's regimen. I now do around a hundred sit-ups a day and arm-curls while watching the news on ANC. Yes, I know. Despite the crap I say about that station, I still watch them as default. Don't ask me why I do. But I do. In fairness, they seemed to have annoyingness under control.

And I seemed to have plateaued though. I haven't lost weight in the last week. I'm kinda stuck in the late 160's. Haven't broken my psychological barrier of 165.


Sidney said...

Forget Rogin-E and the Gold's Gym... let's go drink a cool beer and eat some lechon! ;-)
Who said we need to suffer in life?

JD Cruz said...

Hi Carlos,

Been reading this blogs for sometime and this is my first time to comment.

I agree with Sidney's beer and lechon. Nothing beats it. As for the exercise, I would recommend the use of skipping rope. For me, nothing beats it as a form of cardio exercise. You need not have a big space to be able to do it. Just stay away from your expensive figurines while doing it.

Good luck!


mtan said...

The inevitable plateau. Your body's telling you that it's stuck and it won't budge. Some diet and some exercise options might help. Talk to the nutritionist at the gym, or try a new kind of aerobic workout (get the muscles that haven't been tested yet into action).

And if after all else fails, go for that beer and get your mind out of weight loss for a day!!! Play with the dogs!

Eli Pascual said...

We have a damaged culture that is why I do not know if there is hope for our beloved Philippines.

Some folks will pretend not to speak good Tagalog because by saying so it will put them in the English speaking section of the community which is connected to status or high class. It is part of the social climbing exercise.

People will wear shirts giving the name of their schools (i.e. Ateneo, LaSalle, etc.) when traveling abroad but will never wear shirt which says "Philippines". Only foreigners do.

Brian Gorrell received lots of support only because he is a foreigner, Caucasian, and good looking at that.

Let us watch if this parlorista guy, who is Filipino and whose rights got violated by the medical community in Cebu will receive the same support from the Filipino community. The international press picked up the story. I do not see any uproar from the usual human rights activists nor the Brian Gorrell supporters.

twistediva said...

re the above comment: WTF????

Ana said...

You probably ARE losing weight, but at the same time you're gaining muscle, so since muscle weighs more than fat, it may not look like you're progressing on the scale, but you actually could be. :)

Twinkie said...

On a lighter note, Carlos, I have just watched the premiere showing of the movie "Kiss the Bride".

This is a MUST-SEE movie for you and the "family". You will know why after you see it then let us comment again.

Am not even sure if it will be shown in Manila. I guess at Robinson's it will.

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop talking/commenting about Carlos' sexuality. It isn't interesting.

Twinkie said...

I am talking about a great movie honey. Sexuality is the main plot.

My sexuality and his are one and the same. We are proud of it.

We are "family".

It may not be interesting to you but it is for us.

I understand the cultural shock. You are in the East. We are in the West.

This blog is global honey and not local.

Anonymous said...

i thought this blog is about carlos celran's tours packages? hmmm. should we really know about his diet and other non-sense? i just don't get it.

Trish Kalaw said...

Hey Anonymous, you can't be boxed in or else there is no progress.

This is paradigm shift and it is fabulous!

twinkie said...

click on "watch the trailer".

Anonymous said...

where is the paradigm shift here? i dont get what you are sayign.

Trish Kalaw said...

hey anonymous, if shoemart got stuck with shoes do you think there will be sm megamall today?

go figure.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

congratulations and thanks for keeping the shirt on LOL

Anonymous said...

and you have to take off your shirt to progress? thank goodness he removed that picture. that picture was hideous. nice try trish, but sm and carlos celdran are two different cases.

carlosceldran said...


In order to speak up for myself and in behalf of all FAT and formerly fat people out there. F*** yourself about removing my shirt.

This isnt about showing skin. This is about losing weight, getting healthy, and improving one's body image. And proving to myself that it can be done. Why are you so against that? Are you so beautiful that you have the right to put other people down for the way that they look? Hmm. Somehow I doubt that.

So unless you have any idea what it's like to be overweight all your life and finally gain one's confidence enough to remove one's shirt and be proud of one's appearance, you have no right to judge other people.

Jeez. I was thinking about deleting your message, but I decided to keep it just to show folks out there how carelessly mean some people can be with their judgements.


And I personally don't understand the SM and paradigm shift commentaries.

But that's ok. It didn't seem malicious so I'm cool with it.

And just to prove a point. I'm going to post shirtless pictures of myself all week. And anonymous, I have a feeling that you will be back to check it out anyway.


Anonymous said...

nice, more skin for the tourists. i think your nekid pics will sell more than tour packages. :) i am so turned on.

Trish Kalaw said...

My comment was not malicious. In fact, it was a defense of your blog.

Anonymous was trying to "box" you in the topic of tours and tours alone. My point is to "think outside the box" aka paradigm shift. Ergo, you are allowed to present other topics as you wish. For me, that is progressive enough.

I used the old Shoemart as an example of a paradigm shift. If Shoemart just concentrated on selling shoes, it might had the same fate as Syvel's. They thought of building malls which is now SM Megamall etc.

Quite a simple comment but not for haters like Anonymous whose thinking is apparently old school.

carlosceldran said...

Ah. I get it now!

Oh I never thought your comment was malicious at all Trish.

Thanks so much for the defense. :o)

Anonymous said...

"and you have to take off your shirt to progress? thank goodness he removed that picture. that picture was hideous."

to show the progress of the weight loss, it shouldn't be hidden under a shirt. what's you beef with "shirtlessness" anyway? nae-eskandalo ka ba? you're so "manang!"

it may be good for the tourists to know that their walking tour guide is healthy enough to not drop-dead on them in the middle of a tour.

and stop hating fat people. as if you're perfect. you're one of those meanies who push other people to anorexia or bulimia. i hope you carry that well in your conscience.

JeannieTheDreamer said...

hi Carlos, i hope i did not offend you... if i did, sorry ha.. just so you know i am not a hater.. peace... maybe i really am a manang LOL... i guess i will always be a country girl.

more power to you

grumpyurbanslacker said...

hey carlos,

i've never had a problem with your shirt-less're really making great progress in losing weight!! :D

to Anonymous,

hey, its Carlos' blog and he can write about whatever he wants.

go get a life, will ya?

grumpyurbanslacker said...

oh, another thing, you look a lot like Trillanes in that pic...haha.