Monday, April 28, 2008


Micketymoc has posted up his take on Corregidor on Log on here.

Mrs. Jen Wallace just posted up her thoughts about Corregidor too. Read about it here. Nice to see a great time was had by all. She has great dogs. I wish Corregidor would allow dogs on the island.

Corregidor raffle winner Candice Tiu of CanDissh Tales posted her thoughts about last weekend's Corregidor trip here too. She and her fiance, Edmund (who she fondly calls Panget on her blog - so I put his real name) had a great time apparently. So glad I had the raffle. It really was given an opportunity to meet interesting people who probably wouldn't think of going to Corregidor otherwise. I think I'll hold it every year. I hope the next winners who come on the next trips will be just as cool too.

More of Anton's awesome photos on his flickr site here. And blogger micketymoc has some shots here too. Very cool. Thanks guys.

Thanks Anton Diaz of uber-famous blog, Our Awesome Planet. He was with me on last weekend's Corregidor Overnight Trip/Booze Cruise/Cultural Outing/Tour. It's been only a day since Anton arrived back in Manila and he already has his pictures up and review written. Totally professional. No wonder his site is one of the most recommended when it comes to family travel and looking for fun/yummy/good things to do/see/eat around the Philippines.

Log on to his review here.

And guys, the next trip is in a couple of weeks already. Sign up NOW.

Picture above: The Hospital Ruins at Middleside on Corregidor.


micketymoc said...

Anton also posted more pix on his flickr account.

I also have my own flickr collection for last weekend. Check it out.

mojacko said...

have they updated the menu at corregidor inn as you suggested? we went there summer of last year and they only had sinigang na bangus and barbecue

canDIshhh said...

I had such GREAT great time! Kudos to a well-planned trip! The company was just as fabulous too! Loved every minute of it! Read it here

It was such a great 'break' from it all!! Loved the charm of Corregidor!

carlosceldran said...

Hi there Didi! Glad you enjoyed!! I linked to your blog.

It was fun wasn't it? Jesus is hilarious. That penguin joke made me laugh even as I thought about it a day later.

And mojacko, yeah. The food is waaaay better now. And we all bring our own food to the island anyway to complement the menu.

christine said...

Aaahhh!! You've just reminded me of what a slacker I am! My post about my Corregidor experience with you is in my backlog along with my trip to Xiamen in Dec and trip to Dumaguete in Nov and other stuff. But I'm getting there, so I promise (as much to myself) that I'll have my Corregidor post up very very soon! :)

I read both Anton's and Didi's posts and I'm not surpirsed they had a great time too. But ahem, what's this dinner on the beach? ;)

Cherry said...

Heya, this has nothing to do with your topic and you have no idea who I am but I was watching ANC today and saw your 'cameo' on the piece about Bayani Fernando and the beautification of Manila. While I'm not a huge fan of BF (I'm just huge), I was pleased that you were so enthusiastic about the topic. And I have to admit, you are looking svelte. Great job on looking good (as opposed to looking 'cute', an adjective attributed to anyone bordering round). Sending good vibes your way.

vodkaethics said...

Hi Carlos,
Could you give us an update about the Intramuros wishlist that you posted a while back?
Did they like the ideas?

Can we more of that exercise?

Thank you.

carlosceldran said...

I just needed trash cans and side tables for the bathroom.

Also adhesive coat hooks for the walls and a toilet paper holder (freestanding one, not like one one that sticks to the wall...)

And Nena, OOps... Yeah, we had our dinner poolside because it was too windy to have it on the beach. The food would have flown away.

Haha.. Sorry about that.

carlosceldran said...

And thanks Cherry for the good vibes. Good vibes are always welcome. Allow me to send some back to you too!


mtan said...

You = Prada :D

I do hope the weather is ok in June for a beach dinner!

Mike R. Aquino said...

Carlos, I hope there’s room for another update! Here’s my GoSeAsia entry for the trip: