Thursday, March 11, 2010


A big ol' "Thank you" to Sidney Snoeck for the great feature on his photoblog "My Sari-Sari Store". Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You made the evening look amazing. And best of all, you didn't make me look fat.


Sidney said...

It was an amazing evening ! I truly enjoyed it! Count me in for next year's Transitio Manila.

Paolo said...

Simply full of praise for you, Carlos.
Being the fashion police that I am, please get rid of your " above the ankle" trousers.

Anonymous said...

Quick question about reproductive health in the Philippines from a Filipino abroad.

What are the best organizations I can donate to that supports sex education, contraceptive uses, etc?


carlosceldran said...

I would really like to drop the ankle pants. But that is the historically correct length for Manila costumes in the 19th century.

Glad you enjoyed, Sidney! See you soon! And thanks a gazillion for the photo documentation!

Hope to see you again next year. I'll have more visual artists. :o)

And anonymous. is a great organization to donate to.

Paolo said...

Maybe, you should take a look at this video Carlos.

I don't see the guys' pants above the ankle, do you?